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A Moment with God is no longer just a newsletter; we are reaching out to others and they are reaching out to us: Like... 

A Moment with God Ministries 

If you would like to continue this good work,
 know that 100% of your contribution goes back into 
A Moment With God newsletter; as well as helping us reach out to many. 
Answering letters and send out newsletters to others.

When you contribute, you will be reaching out to others in God's love,
fulfilling God's greatest commission!

Share what you can by contributing to A Moment With God Ministries

You can donate to A Moment With God through...

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration

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Please Help us reach out to those who don't have computers
and to those who are in prison. 
We also send out newsletters to random people in all areas, 
trying to reach others with the love of Jesus.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

With your help we can reach many more souls for Christ.

When making a check or money orders make it payable to:

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration

And mail to:

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration
A moment with God
P.O. Box 175
Buchanan, N.Y. 10511

Any support that you can give to A Moment With God Ministries 
will be greatly appreciated!

Your prayers are also greatly appreciated!
Thank You!

Keren Valentin