A Moment with God 

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I was raised in a Jewish Family.  Although we did speak of God and believed he was our creator.
We did not go to Synagogue but celebrated Jewish holidays.

  I was raised with two Parents, who did love us all very much. I spent a lot of time with my Identical twin sister Lisa, we 
Did everything together. We slept over our Grandmothers, my Dad's Mother every weekend until we were about 12 years old.
   There was some dysfunction in my family while growing up.
   My parent's did separate during my childhood, which was a very difficult time. 
 No matter how stressful and scary things got, there was always a bond of Love that never did separate our family for too long.
 My two older sisters Shelly and Arleen helped a lot with my twin sister and me during the difficult times.
 My Dad's Mom, which we called Boba Gerty, was such a big support for our family and a God sent.
 She always tried to bring my parents back together, and the task always seemed to get done.

  My grand mom tried showing my Mom that there was hope and she could be happy and thankful for the blessings she had.
 My grand mom again held the family together through the severe depression my Mom struggled with most of her life.
  As tough as things got, our love helped us to always support each other.

My twin sister and I had some Jewish friends, but mostly Christian friends, even though my Mom and grand mom would have liked us to have more Jewish friends, we connected best with non-Jewish girls and boys.
 When I felt the urge to ask questions about Jesus as a young girl, I remember my grand mom telling me the Jewish people believed Jesus was only a Man, and not the son of God, I respected my family, never asked again and accepted that as a child.
 Most of my childhood and adulthood I heard and wondered about the mystery of the man Jesus who performed miracles so long ago.  Feeling in my heart I might one day discover it all.

Seven years ago, at the time I was an unbeliever in Christ, changing through radio stations for something interesting to listen too, I found a Christian station and listened to scriptures, songs and sermons they spoke.  I was then drawn to read my Husband Eric's Christian Bible after 8 years of Marriage.
  I started to explore more about God and became very passionate to learn more about our Creator.
  Shortly after my new experiences of bible readings, At a Christmas Eve Service with Eric and my two daughters Gabriella and Stephanie, I felt a presence surrounding me.
  It was the most peaceful and loving feeling.  It was almost like I was being embraced. 
  I left the church feeling safe and secure.  I didn't want that feeling to ever go away!!!

Later that night I felt convinced it had to be the Holy Spirit reaching out to me!!!
I felt the questions I had as a child were finally being answered!!

That night,    I prayed to Jesus saying:
                     Dear Lord,
                    I believe you are God's Son!!!
                    I now believe that you are one Holy Spirit!!!
                    I no longer felt the missing piece in my life.
                    I prayed to God and asked him to lead me with my new life in Christ.
                 Every morning after that night I felt everything was new and exciting.
I no longer felt fear of the unknown.  Now that I have faith in God I would never be alone, always keeping the communication open with God in prayer.

I started to see the world around me in a much different way.  It was like I was blind and opened my eyes for the first time with a new life!!!
My heart was different when it came to others; I would hesitate to judge or critics them. Outward appearances didn't seem to matter in myself or others as much.
God has shown me that everyone has love. With his love living in us, we all can experience it.   

 I want to love people the same way Jesus is showing me.
 People may have hardened hearts, from heartaches they may have experienced.
I pray often to Jesus for his light to shine through me so I am able to share my new found peace with others.

The morning of my Dad's death March of 1999 I woke at 5:30 a.m. telling my husband, I had a feeling something was wrong with my Dad.  Trying to go back to sleep, I knew my Dad was on the way to work.
  I told my husband I felt a presence near me.  The same loving presence I felt at the Christmas Eve service, the night I accepted the Son of God.
  Later that morning my mom called and told me my Dad had a massive heart attack, and died on the train. Not understanding it all, I was confused thinking I should have done something, knowing I had a bad feeling about my Father.  I did have a short period that I was bitter, and angry with God.   Our whole family was devastated. I knew I had a good thing with God's Love, I then devoted a lot of my time to prayer and bible reading, and again felt closeness with God. 
 I truly feel in my heart that the presence I felt that morning was the Holy Spirit embracing me, helping me to bear the pain I had ahead for me and my family.
 Losing my Mom one year later, as difficult as the pain was I continued to have faith in the Lord.

When tragedy strikes or I am just having a stressful day:  I repeat one of my favorite bible verses often:
 Quietly to myself at work or out loud at home or even my car:
             "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13
                                                     He has never failed me yet!!!
Being spirit filled, I have found only good things have happen in my life. 

Life has new meaning for me now.  With God's help, I have a desire to pursue a purpose.
I trust putting me and my family in his loving care!!!   

Sometimes God seems so far away, but he is right there with us:  It doesn't matter what religion we are: 
If you are uncertain about God, ask him in prayer to reveal himself to you and show the truth about Jesus. I'm sure glad I did, you will not regret either!!!

These are uncertain times, we never know if tomorrow will come at all.
I received a special gift; I am more positive, strong and loving today because of the gift of new life I have received in Christ. I have found great happiness and confidence in myself when I truly let God in my heart.

Jesus made me who I am today; He gave his life for us, I believe I will see his face and hear his loving voice where He has prepared a special place for all who love, follow, serve, and except him as God's only son.

I thank you Lord.
I need you Lord.
I will speak to you in prayer Lord.
I will listen when you speak to me Lord.
I Love and will always have faith in you Lord.
I will serve and share your word Lord.
I will praise you forever!!!

By Carol Spadea